Sandra Hartlauer for Irina Hofer

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Retouching Services

for Portrait photographers

I love to retouch and I also love to work with other photographers. Let´s work together!

Based in Vienna, Austria I will support you with retouching your stunning portraits according to your style and wishes.

Average turn around time is 3 to 4 business days.

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I added a few samples, but of course can´t show the images of my clients, so these are a few of mine.

To get things started I offer to do a test run for you with 2 to 3 images. After I have done these we will set up a video call and talk about the work on the images and how I would best fit into your workflow to make things easier for you!

Dodge & burn is my


Sample Images



portrait, photography, retouching, ursula schmitz
Tänzerin Babsi Neundlinger tanzt durch die Wiener Innenstadt.
portrait retouching, ursula schmitz, photography, business, porträt, personal branding, head shot
Portrait einer Tänzerin an einem Wasserfall auf der Isle of Skye.

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